Joe Llamas

Managing Partner


What does a Sales and Marketing executive do in the second part of their career? Well, of course, they start an agency… Not exactly!

When I started my agency more than 10 years ago, I had no intention of actually starting an agency. Instead, I hoped to create a small production company with the dream of producing amazing videos and helping people tell amazing stories. I met lots of amazing people and I did tell some amazing stories. I soon realized that what I was really good at was helping businesses with more than telling stories using video. I learned that my passion was helping companies tell their story using jaw dropping photography, copywriting that left readers asking for more and video that had audiences feeling emotional.

Several years ago, I re-launched Running Bull Media with the intent of creating the very best photography, videography and design. I hold our team to a very high standard and combine our creative services with unrivaled customer service. Your experience with us should be nothing short of astounding!