What is an immersive showcase?

An immersive Solution Showcase is fully interactive content delivered in a Virtual Reality headset that transports the user into an environment where they will interact with multiple products and vendors. Imagine your prospect is transported into an environment that reflects their organization (data center, office space, hospital room, classroom, etc.) and then can interact with a variety of products to build out the space within their virtual reality headset. The headset user can learn about products with a simple wave of their hand and place selected products in the designated space – all from the comfort of their home office.

Use Cases

immersive solution showcase 2

Vertical Solutions

Build out a hospital room and datacenter. School campus of the future. Datacenter. Retail locations, etc. Include everything from handheld devices to networking and security.

immersive solution showcase 1

Solutions For Every Size Customer

SMB, Mid Market and Enterprise business solutions come to life in a VR headset. Design, orchestrate and customize solutions for organizations large and small, all in a VR headset.

immersive showcase virtual briefing

Virtual Executive Briefing Center

Bring the EBC experience to your customers. Demonstrate the breadth and depth of solutions in an immersive experience. No PowerPoint or Zoom fatigue.

immersive solution line card

Line Card

Turn your line card into an Immersive experience. Within the headset, prospects can point and select products and solutions, and instantly see details or a demonstration.

immersive solution tabletop showcase

Tabletop Showcases and Lunch & Learns

Recreate the experience of a multi-vendor showcase in the headset. Customers cannot travel to you – bring the showcase to them in a memorable, convenient, and safe way.

immersive solution showcase 3

immersive solution showcase: Engage, educate and entertain

There is a dynamic shift in how and where we are all working. The challenge for companies is how to get their products in front of prospects – the on-site demo and presentation is on hold for now. And let’s be honest, everyone is tired of Zoom demos and webinars.

Leverage the power of virtual reality to develop a customized immersive experience that truly demonstrates your company’s capabilities and sets you apart from the competition.

About us: immersive solutions with running bull media

Running Bull Media (RBM) is designing and providing fully immersive experiences that engage and entertain. RBM is changing the way content is delivered and experienced. With over 25+ years of design, production, marketing, events, and technology industry experience, we are excited to bring this truly immersive experience in a VR headset to our customers. RBM will work with you to create the Immersive Solution Showcase that will educate, wow, and delight your customers. Visit our website

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Business Benefits for Immersive Solution Showcase

Increased Engagement

Users engage with your content on their schedule, not at a scheduled video meeting.

Customized For Your Needs

Immersive Showcases can be designed for specific verticals, business use cases, and products.

ROI Reporting

Engagement and usage analytics for each headset is provided. We can tell you when the content was viewed and for how long making follow-up simple and timely.

Increase Brand Awareness

Completely customize the experience, including branded packaging, gifts, collateral, and your corporate messaging included in every headset.

Full-Service Agency

From project design, development, production, and distribution, RBM is your immersive experience partner.

RBM Headset Fulfillment

Managing all headset and content distribution, including cleaning, sanitizing, shipping, and storage.



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