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Immersive Experiences Delivered in a Virtual Reality Headset


Virtual reality (VR) has dominated the tech headline in recent years with its ability to immerse its users in a virtual yet safe world. While gaming is one of the more well-known VR uses its grown into so much more. With business travel reduced by 90% since the beginning of 2020 and with Zoom fatigue being rampant, there is another way to get your message to prospects and customers.

Immersive Tours Use Cases

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Deliver immersive tours of locations you select for your customers. A wine tour, distillery, or farm. RBM delivers a headset directly to your guest to enjoy the event experience in the comfort and safety of their own home.

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Bring the EBC experience to your customer. Replace traditional PowerPoint, webinars, and video sales presentations with a fully integrated and immersive presentation that will be memorable.

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Campus tours customized for the recruitment of students, athletes, and personnel. Deliver the campus experience to your prospects easily and safely.

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Commercial Real Estate

Deliver complete property and surrounding area tours to anyone regardless of location.

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Bring the Immersive event to your customer!

Deliver interactive content to fully immerse, educate, and engage your customers with a customized VR experience in a headset. A VR Tour uses virtual reality to deliver a truly memorable and unique experience with a tour of a famous winery, bourbon distillery, or even your own briefing centers.

Customize the experience with your organization’s message included in the headset experience. The possibilities are limitless!

Make It Personal: delight your customers with immersive tours

We are seeing a change in how and where people work, learn, and engage with each other. In-person events are not possible, and no one is sure when they will be. The challenge is to find a way to engage with customers the way you did on the trade show floor, at executive briefing centers, regional events, conferences, user groups, etc.

Leverage the power of virtual reality to develop a customized experience and set your organization apart from the competition.

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About Us: Our Immersive Tours and Events

Running Bull Media (RBM) is designing and delivering fully immersive events that engage, educate, and entertain. RBM Is changing the way events are experienced. With over 25+ years of design, production, marketing, event management, and technology industry experience, we are excited to bring this truly immersive experience in a VR headset to our customers. RBM will work with you to create a VR Tour that will wow and delight your customers.

Visit our website For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact Chase White at or 480-286-3573.

Business Benefits for Immersive Tours and Events

Increased Engagement

Users engage with your content on their schedule, not at a scheduled video meeting.

Customized For Your Needs

Events can be big or small, and executed regionally or nationally with RBM fulfillment services.

ROI Reporting

Engagement and usage analytics for each headset is provided. Reporting on when the content was viewed and for how long makes follow-up simple and timely.

Increase Brand Awareness

Completely customize the experience with branded packaging, gifts, and collateral – all shipped with the headset.

Full-Service Agency

From project design, development, production, and distribution, RBM is your immersive experience partner.

RBM Headset Fulfillment

Managing all headset and content distribution, including cleaning, sanitizing, shipping and storage.



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