We have tried to make the Quest 2 as easy to use as possible. This quick video can answer most of the common questions about the headset and experience.


The power button is located on the right hand side of the unit if you are viewing the unit as if you were going to put the headset on. 

Press the power button longer than you think is necesarry.


You should only need to use one button. On the controller, press the button that naturally fits your index finger. Think of playing a game and shooting your selection.

Orienting Yourself

There are times when you may not see anything on the screen or you might notice that something is not right. At any time, you can press the “oculus” button and hold it down for a few seconds. You will see a circular pattern appear in the headset and the headset will re-orient itself.

Remember, you can do this anytime and you need to press and hold the button until you see a complete circle made while looking in the headset.

Lens Adjustment

If things look a little out of focus, be sure to change the lens adjustment. The lenses shift from left to right. There are three setting to help you get the best view possible.

Headset Will Not Turn On

We ship all the Quest 2 headsets with a full charge. Unfortunately, headsets can sometimes turn themselves on during shipping. For this reason, every kit comes with a charger and charging cable. 

Return Shipment


 RETURN Shipping instructions  

Please follow these instructions for returning the headset: 

Power off the headset by pressing the power button until you see “powering off” in the headset. 

Pack the headset and controllers in the Running Bull Media Box that they arrived in. 

Place the headset box back in the shipping box it came in – The Headset box is NOT a shipping box – please use the box it came in to return ship. 

In the Blue envelope, there is a package of Instapak quick RT – this will create packing foam for the box. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ON THE Instapak PACKAGING for use. 

The Instapak will create the proper protection to ensure the headset does not get damaged during transit. 

There is a strip of shipping tape in the Blue envelope to use to secure the shipping box. 

Use the return shipping label enclosed in the Blue envelope and affix it to the outside of the shipping box – please cover or remove the original label. 

Call FedEx to arrange for a pickup or drop the box off at any authorized FedEx office 

✓ If you have any questions please contact: