Virtual Reality




The word “immersive” is often overused and it seems that everyone is using the word “virtual” these days. For us, these words are the backbone of an event philosophy that takes engage, educate and entertain seriously and adds a wow factor that you have to see to believe!

We have taken the traditional happy hour and transformed it and the boring lunch and learn is a thing of the past. We have designed virtual reality experiences that bring an immersive tour of a location combined with your messaging to the attendee. Select the venue and we will handle the rest.  A headset will be delivered to your guests with your experience preloaded along with a thoughtful gift box.


Garrison Brothers Distillery is Texas’ first and oldest legal bourbon distillery. The bourbon is hand-made from corn to cork on a little ranch just outside Austin, TX. The Garrison story, location tour and a tasting is presented by Dan Garrison.


Beer event

In addition to being the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX has an incredible restaurant, bar, and beer scene. Bring Austin’s exploding craft beer scene your guests. “Since 2004, Independence Brewing has served Independent Thinkers & Drinkers of Texas. United by a love of beer and self -expression”. Discover the unique operations that go into bringing your favorite brew to life.

bakery event

Easy Tiger’s in-house bakery offers a selection of Old World hearth breads, European-style pastries, and signature soft pretzels— all baked fresh daily. Located in Austin, TX home to fabulous food you will see how this bakery has made its name and gotten the attention of Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, and USA Today. The tour by the head chef takes you through this artisan bakery to see how they make all those baked treats. A gift box of samples can accompany this tour.

Texas Dancehall

The Coupland Dance Hall (Coupland, TX)  has a long rich history and is all about the dancing. Keeping the music playing and the dancefloor full is what they do. See this century old building that has been the backdrop to many movies and music videos. See and hear Texas’s own country rsing star Josh Ward play a few tunes in a VR headset – you’ve never “watched” a concert like this!

Zoo event

San Antonio Zoo®, is home to more than 700+ animal species. From bears to reptiles there is something for everyone to enjoy on this amazing immersive 360 tour. You’ll feel like you can reach out and touch these amazing animals!

Chocolate event

Birthplace of the famous bourbon chocolate, Rebecca Ruth Candies has been handcrafting confections since 1919. This all-ages, family-friendly tour runs through the history of the brand. It includes an antique candy furnace and copper kettles that are still used today.

Tequila event

Visit two independent Mexican-owned distilleries with tutored tastings of premium tequilas. A walking tour of Tequila historic center visit of one of the public museums in Tequila. This tour will show you and give you a sample of the best!

Custom Events

Have a special location in mind? Call us! Our team is ready to work with you on a custom event at your location, add a VIP gift experiences, up-leveled branding and messaging. We can make your ideas come to life! 

How it works

Our mission is to make your RBM event one that will wow and delights your guests and is effortless for you! We have also made branding your event a priority so that your brand is visible and memorable. Virtual reality headsets are used to transport users to locations all around the country. We deliver each experience in a virtual reality headset and then retrieve the headset for you. 


Choose Your Event

Choose from an assortment of packages from our library, or we can create a customized experience from a location of your choice.

We work with you to incorporate your messaging throughout the event. We package all this in a virtual reality headset that will amaze your audience. We also have a gift box with branded gifts to enhance the experience. Your project manager will be there to assist you from start to finish.

Choose Your Package

You can simply choose from packages that we have created, or you can create a custom package to send to each event guest.


You manage the invitation and confirmation process and send us your attendee list (all data security protocols are taken). RBM manages everything else. Our warehouse in Kansas City provides a white glove fulfillment service; RBM has an inventory of headsets that are thoroughly inspected, tested, cleaned and disinfected after each use. We send a complete package to your guest with the headset, gift box, usage instructions and complete return shipping labels and packaging. We notify you when the headset is returned and provide you with the usage reporting.

Custom Packages

Have a place in mind or own a place you want us to include? We are happy to come to you and create a custom event. Tell us a little about the place or what you have in mind.


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