Virtual Reality





Tour; the act of experiencing a place. The route taken while seeing a place.  A virtual reality tour delivered in a headset delivers that experience to your guest wherever they are located. When your audience can’t come to you the challenge is to find a way to engage with prospects. A Virtual Reality Tour can communicate your message, educate the viewer, and engage them in the location.

Real Estate

Bring the experience of walking through a space in a headset. See 360º within each space, get perspective and include important details and data via audio and in headset messaging. Our production team has years of experience creating high quality tours for both residential and commercial locations.


Showcase your property’s beauty and functionality to prospective event coordinators, conference companies, brides and party organizers. A virtual reality tour delivered in a VR headset provides 360º views of each space. The user can choose hot spots to move through the property. Highlight what makes your venue standout through a fully immersive tour including audio, room specifications, pricing, whatever you choose.  

Campus Tours

Use a virtual reality tour delivered in a VR headset to give prospective faculty, students, athletes, graduate students and parents the full experience of visiting your institution from the comfort and safety of their home. Use in headset special video and audio to deliver your message. RBM logistics can assist with the delivery of the headsets to your targeted recuits.

How it works

From planning to delivery, we have you covered. RBM makes it easy to create and share VR tours. Experienced and professional talent with expertise and knowledge in all aspects of virtual reality; we are eager to work with you to create a sales and marketing tool like none other.


We bring our expertise in photography, videography and design to plan and execute the best tour for your location. Planning and storyboarding ensure the results you are looking for. We only use the highest quality state of the art equipment and postproduction technology to create the tour.


Using Virtual Reality can save your staff time and money. Reach your prospects wherever they are located, they can take a tour remotely that can feel like they are on location. We work with you to select the best application and delivery vehicle for your tour, be it a VR headset or your website for online virtual tours.


With warehouse in Kansas City we have created the very best fulfillment service. We have an inventory of he Oculus 2 VR headsets, we ship the headset to your customer, retrieve the headset and let you know when it is back in inventory. Once back in inventory, we take the analytics and generate custom reports. We also thoroughly clean and disinfect each headset so that it is ready to ship to the next prospective customer.


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