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What we do

We bring over a decade of experience designing immersive experiences. This allows us to confidently guide you through choosing VR, AR, or MR as the right experience for you. Full service at RBM means we deliver the entire experience. We don’t stop at creation; our professional logistics experts can deliver your experiences directly to your users ensuring an incredible experience for all.


Check out some of our most popular applications. Contact us to talk about your specific immersive development needs.

Virtual Events

A deeper level of immersion can bring a deeper level of engagement. Zoom fatigue is rampant, RBM has a better way to engage with your prospects and customers. Deliver an immersive experience, to your audience. No zoom to log into, instead a Virtual Reality headset loaded with a customized event and your messaging arrives at your attendees door, to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Imagine a virtual reality tour of a winery, distillery, or zoo with your branding and messaging along with a thoughtful gift sent directly to your attendees home. RBM’s full service logistics team delivers the VR headset directly to your guest to enjoy the event experience in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours have long been used in the residential real estate market.  It is well documented that adding virtual tours to your website increases engagement and conversions to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.  Let us guide you through the multiple options you have to give you a competitive advantage.


The future of learning is XR, and the future is here!  We have partnered with the best Extended Reality (XR) Training companies in the world to deliver training in VR headsets. Move beyond Zoom, PowerPoint and webinars and provide immersive learning available anytime anywhere. We work with any sized company, to next level current training and onboarding programs.


Retailers of all size are adding augmented reality experiences to help buyers through their buying journey. Customers are now demanding the ability to learn how products are going to fit into their lives. Let us show you the cost-effective way to create these experiences and drive results

Product DEMOS

Imagine your prospect is transported into an environment that reflects their organization (data center, office space, hospital room, classroom, etc.) and then can interact with a variety of products to build out the space within their virtual reality headset. An immersive Solution Showcase brings your line card to life, it will transport the user into an environment where they will interact with multiple products and vendors. Usage reporting provides critical information to sales teams.


Our site is filled with the most popular uses and applications for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. We know your needs are unique and look for the opportunity to collaborate with you to deliver the right solution. Let your imagination run wild and challenge us to push the limits of technology to make the impossible possible.

Extended reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (XR) development is not one size fits all. We work with you to ensure the best technology on the best platform is implemented.

Virtual Reality

VR is a complete immersion experience that emulates the physical world.  We provide these experiences using only the best hardware including Oculus, Pico, and HTC. Most people think that virtual reality is too expensive; we will create mind-blowing experiences on any budget, for your specific application. 

Augmented Reality

AR adds digital elements to a live or real-world view, often by using the camera on a smart phone.  You already use AR in filters on social media, shopping experiences at your favorite retailers, or even games like Pokemon Go.  Whether you are an Amazon seller,  a Shopify ecommerce store, or an enterprise retail chain, we have the platforms and services to create your AR experience.  

Mixed Reality

MR experiences combine the best of both worlds.  Mixed reality uses elements of both the real-world and digital objects to interact in scenes that allow the user to experience both digital and real-world environments simultaneously.  Talk with us about building out experiences for the Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass, and others. 

Incredible Experiences

The word “immersive” is often overused and it seems that everyone is using the word “virtual” these days. For us, these words are the backbone of a design philosophy that takes marketing and branding into different versions of reality.

The process

Over the years we have taken countless hours vetting out the best platforms, software and cloud services to bring you the best packages that will build the best most stable experiences. We are platform agnostic! 


Allow us to come in and work with your team to help guide choosing the right platform for the right application. We have partnered with the best platforms in virtual reality and augmented reality. New platforms are being developed and we have our fingers on the pulse of the industry. Rely on us as your XR resource.


Using the best talent in the industry, we can capture stunning 360 photo and video, model ultra-realistic objects and build Hollywood quality digital worlds. Our creative services are at the heart of the passion that makes us a leader in producing immersive experiences. Our artists and creatives thrive on creating the wow factor.


Deployment is where the rubber meets the road. Our marketing roots make us experts in deploying the immersive experiences we create in the most effective ways possible. Multi-reality marketing is now the next evolution in digital transformation and building buyer journey across mutiple realities will only become more necessary as XR technology grows.



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