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Companies face challenges creating Immersive Experiences
Immersive experiences can be costly and call ROI into question
In-house resources often lack knowledge to provide the best user experience
Creative Talent
Creating immersive content for VR/AR experiences requires a different skill
A lack of headset adoption means companies must provide headsets
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Use Cases
IoT For Industry 4.0
AWS was looking for a new way to show their IoT products and solutions for manufacturing plants. RBM collaborated with AWS to develop an interactive experience that showcased AWS IoT products for manufacturing plants through a guided tour of a facility.
Cyber Security
To incentivize the Connection sales team to enroll in the defender spiff program, Microsoft engaged RBM to create an immersive experience that introduced each Defender solution, tested users with attack simulations, and automatically enrolled them in the program upon completion.
Wireless Networking
Extreme Networks sought an effective way to educate their audience about the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 while engaging them. RBM’s immersive tour of Globe Life Stadium successfully engaged the audience, teaching them about the advantages of Wi-Fi 6.
Product Launch
Dell aimed to introduce a new AMD processor to a large sales team while incentivizing attendance with entertainment. RBM’s immersive experience provided information about the new AMD processor and was followed by a bourbon tour for the sales team’s enjoyment.
Users spent the day learning about Trend Micro security solutions in an AWS cloud environment. Trend Micro contracted RBM to create an enablement experience to test the users comprehension on the day’s material.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality

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When people cannot come to your location, send your location to the people. Virtual reality makes people feel like they are there.
Realistic Simulations
Say goodbye to outdated methods and hello to a whole new world of interactive, engaging experiences.
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Launching a new product or showcasing an existing one, VR demos will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.
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Sebastian GalindoCEO @SS Ventures

The team at MiraXR is truly amazing. They’ve built an all in one platform for our software solutions in the VR space which is awesome.

Saul VargasCTO @AI Lab

The team at MiraXR truly understands the power of visual storytelling and has helped us create compelling marketing materials that engage our audience.

Jhon JallazaSVP Engineering @CRP Technologies

My team and i are excited to have a software like MiraXR in our roadmap. We will start our training process with this technology and it’ll make our life way easier.

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